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Longbridge Finance & Accountancy is the new name for Poolia in the UK. We originally launched as Parker Bridge over 25 years ago with a commitment to high quality service based on trusted relationships and a determination to have an exceptional understanding of our candidates and clients. Our name may have changed. This commitment and determination has not changed, we have evolved through the years and it remains unchanged as we enter our next evolution.

Over the last 25 years we have developed an extensive network of contacts at all levels of the finance function. We deal with finance professionals working with some of the leading names in business, smaller entrepreneurial firms and wide array in between, across the Financial Services and Commercial sectors.

Our success is based on working together in a trusted partnership, sharing and using our knowledge of the market and most importantly building on our understanding of you, your team and your wider business. Through this, we can act as a genuine extension of your business to ensure that we can both attract and secure the best possible talent on the market.

We offer our clients a ‘Solutions Neutral’ approach to both temporary and permanent recruitment, depending on your requirements, with recruitment built around Exclusive/Contingent, Advertised Selection and Retained Search.

Whatever Solution is right for you, our candidate attraction and selection processes will be robust and thorough.

Candidate Attraction: We operate a diverse, multi-channel candidate attraction methodology.

While the CRM has evolved with technological developments, we have been operating the same core database for the last 25 years, continuously tracking and monitoring candidates through their careers.

We actively seek passive candidates through our referral network and through direct hunthunting. Headhunting in this competitive market is no longer the reserve of the typical search and selection firm and forms a central pillar of our contingent service.

We also regularly advertise on the key specialist websites such as GAAPWeb and eFinancialCareers, with selective printed publications such as Economia and use Social Media as candidate attraction tools.

We work directly with the accountancy bodies and also hold overseas affiliations, which is especially important to our source of antipodean and overseas temporary workers.

Candidate Selection: We meet face to face with all candidates before we represent them.

  • All candidates are taken through an initial screening to assess their suitability.
  • Candidates will meet at least one consultant during their initial registration interview.
  • Consultants are trained in competency based interviewing techniques
  • We offer candidates a career coaching and help with their aspiration management.
  • Consultants are trained to assess personality type and verbal communication skills
  • All candidates atted a ‘pre-interview’ with your consultant before they meet you to ensure they are fully prepared and commitment to the process
  • We have a full suite of testing packages including, Excel, data entry, bookkeeping and Powerpoint.
  • Reference details are collected for all candidates at registration and, where applicable, the reference gathering process begins immediately.

Offer Management: A successful offer management process is absolutely dependent on a strong, thorough understanding of our candidates which begins when we first meet them before the recruitment process begins:

  • A well-managed offer process ensures that;
  • Any salary/package negotiations are handled sensitively and in the best interests of you and the candidate
  • All eventualities (such as counter offer) are dealt with effectively to minimise surprises
  • Ensure that all candidates, successful and unsuccessful, are left with a strong impression of your business
  • The candidate(s) that you want accept your offer

Our Commitments:

  • We build a business relationship based on strong, frank and open communication
  • We will develop a depth of understanding of your culture and business
  • We take a wide and diverse approach to candidate attraction
  • We meet 100% of candidates, you will never meet a candidate we have not met
  • We will maintain a thorough and rigorous approached to screening and candidate selection
  • We act as an extension of your business and promote you as an employer of choice

Our Consultants work in specialist, focussed teams, with dedicated divisions working on either Permanent or Temporary vacancies. To find out more, to plan your next recruitment mandate or to speak informally with a specialist, please contact us

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