Longbridge attending PCR Woman of the Year Awards 2014

Longbridge attending PCR Woman of the Year Awards 2014


Julian Parker

Longbridge are pleased to be supporting the PCR Woman of the Year Awards 2014, held on October 17th 2014, but does the event matter?

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The event certainly matters to the Marketing Division at Longbridge, which introduces all types of marketing professionals to a range of Consumer Technology clients. In fact, 66% of successful candidate introductions this year have been woman; placed within prominent roles at companies such as PURE, Philips, Lenovo, Samsung, and Epson.

The truth, then, is that woman are good for business. They form the majority of our shortlists and they continue to be the dominate gender powering Consumer Technology marketing departments. Differences still exist however, most notably in the types of marketing that men and woman choose. Men seem to gravitate towards Product Manager and product-related jobs, whilst woman seem to secure the majority of creative, digital, PR and communications-related jobs. Little wonder that these types of marketing jobs have become commonly known as ‘boy’ marketing, and ‘girl’ marketing!

Marketing is seen is an attractive career path for young woman entering the Consumer Technology industry, and this event allows us to celebrate the achievements of those present in the industry now, and to make sure they provide inspiration to the female business leaders of the future.