Industrial Disease Lawyers

Industrial Disease Lawyers


Julian Parker

In the past few months there has been a huge increase in demand for industrial disease lawyers of all levels throughout the country, but interestingly especially in the South despite the fact that previously the North held the dominance on the world of ID claims.

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With many of the London PI firms getting more interested in starting ID departments or expanding their existing one, now is the time to possibly re-consider your career chances and consider a move South, whether it be to London or elsewhere in the South or South-West.

If you are an asbestosis specialist you are particularly in demand, which again is interesting considering a few years ago the experts said that asbestos claims would die out with 10 years. Clearly, not going to happen and the amount of claims continues to rise at a decent level.

So many PI lawyers were in the depths of depression before Jackson and now, as always, firms are beginning to come to terms with the funding changes, and the move towards ID and Clinical Negligence is clearly the path that firms feel is right to follow.

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