Antipodean coming to London? Avoid the bar to maximise your earnings!

Antipodean coming to London? Avoid the bar to maximise your earnings!


Julian Parker

This week, the results of the government’s ‘Life Satisfaction Index’ have unsurprisingly revealed that London is not the best place to live in Britain, in fact the only sighting of a London Borough in a top 10 is the list for skint and miserable.

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Whatever the stats say, and I’m sure that ‘the north’ is beautiful, I’d still say London is the most exciting and diverse city in the UK and I personally would rather be living and working here than anywhere else in the world. While the volumes of Antipodeans coming to the UK may have decreased over the last decade, London retains its powerful magnetic pull for the majority with many of those that can, staying here for a lot longer than they had intended.

London is an expensive (and distracting!) place which can quickly drain the savings of new arrival to town. But for those professionals who are looking to add some extra experience and cash to their accounts, just take a pause before you hit the bar. While a quick fix, short-term bit of bar work or moving furniture to keep the cash flow going, if you’re planning to use an Umbrella company, spare a little thought for the importance of your first role.

Did you know that during your first role in the UK, when working through an Umbrella company, you can legitimately get tax relief against your relocation costs? This includes the cost of your flight, shipping fees and temporary rental accommodation, up to a value of £8,000. Jovan Pavlicevic, the Antipodean behind Forest Group, says that in the example of a newly qualified accountant earning £250 per day, this could amount to £3,000 net savings over their first 12 months in London.

The key to maximising your earning is to make sure the umbrella is your first employer and this should be more than enough to write off any earnings from any ‘stop-gap’ bar work. So ditch the bar work, leave the man and his van well alone and enjoy the sights of London while you have the chance, because once you start earning, you won’t want to stop!