Welcome to Longbridge.
Whether you’re actively looking for a new role or simply managing your career, we encourage you to engage with us. Talk to us, meet us, apply for jobs and register on the site. We’re here to help.

Most candidates don’t change jobs very often. We appreciate that you’re looking for genuine advice and guidance through a period of change.

We will challenge your expectations, help with writing your CV, help in researching the client and the opportunity, assist in preparing presentations, provide interview advice, and make sure we negotiate the best possible salary package on your behalf at the end.

We operate within the areas of Finance & Accountancy and Law, and we are staffed by consultants who are experts in their markets. We work hard to build relationships with employers of choice and they recognise that we operate in a cost-effective, efficient manner that saves them both time, money and ultimately gives them access to hard to find talent.

Our collaborative relationships with these clients, allows us to engage with them about you; your skills, your motivations and your ambitions.

In working with us, you can expect access to some of the most interesting roles in your sector; many of which are unadvertised. We strive to add value to your application, presenting your credentials in a professional, targeted manner and making sure you get the right level of exposure with the client.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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