Life at longbridge

You will soon realise that working at Longbridge 360 is more than just a job; we have retained a strong team here because we value what they have to bring to the business. We have an eclectic bunch of recruiters who love their job.

Our business is staffed with experienced and well-trained industry consultants who are well connected in their market disciplines. We give our people the support they need to succeed!

  • Culture

We want our consultants to feel empowered, to know that their career is in their hands and that their entrepreneurial endeavors will be rewarded and recognised. We want them to be proud to work for us and proud to work with their colleagues (and enjoy working for us and their colleagues!). We believe in transparency and making sure the team and the individual consultants know what success looks like and, of course, how that success is rewarded.

  • Training

However talented you are already we want to make sure that you fulfill your potential, which we’ll do through a variety of channels.

We have a thorough modular-based training program for those that are new to recruitment and regular in-house and external workshops to ensure continual development for the more experienced.

  • Career Development

At every stage of your journey with us, your career will be mapped out with a clear path and clear development targets. For some, this will mean working towards or developing their career as a manager, for others this may be moving them in a more strategic business development direction.

  • Commission

We believe in a rewarding great performance and we are extremely proud of our market-leading commission scheme, for which you can earn against every penny and pound that you generate.

We know our commission rewards more than the competition, but we appreciate the hard work and commitment that you put into building your relationships and making them last the test of time.

  • Rewards, Incentives & Recognition

The commission is great but we’re big on those extra incentives that make a difference to your work and personal life. We value financial performance, but we also recognise your non-financial contributions. From various monthly rewards such as champagne,  vouchers, drinks nights and a quarterly lunch club, we want you to feel valued and that you’re playing an important part in our collective journey.

Our annual incentive of an all-expenses-paid trip aboard is also fairly special. Every journey starts with a first step, get in touch today and let us help you with the next one.

We generously reward hard work with first-class incentives and benefits. If you are looking to join an energetic and fast-paced recruitment firm, then take a look at some of our awesome perks.

If you would like to join the Longbridge family and want further information on any of our opportunities, then please get in contact with our talent team. If you would like any further information on any of our opportunities please get in contact with Vicky Marsh on or call 07786258533